Central Secretariat Service Forum
221, North Block
10th August, 2010
Dear CSS Officers,
Let me convey my sincere thanks to you all for giving overwhelming positive response in the meetings which we held recently at different times at different Bhawans like Nirman Bhawan, Udyog Bhawan etc. for giving unequivocal support to CSS Forum. In these meetings we have pledged that henceforward we would all work together as responsible members of CSS for upholding the dignity and pride of CSS. We have also taken vow to give whatever little sacrifice we can give as an individual member of CSS for the greater collective interests of the Service without resorting to narrow and selfish thinking of our individual and/or group interests at the cost of higher collective interests.
Dear friends, in view of the success of these meetings, there is urgent need to have more and more meetings of similar nature in other Bhawans in order to spread the message of spirit of unity and comradeship, so that we can break the barrier of misinformation, doubt and mutual distrust. I take this opportunity to dispel all your doubts regarding activities of CSS Forum in pursuing the long term vision of CSS. The stand of CSS Forum is clear— make it a cohesive Service getting entry only at Assistant level. In future allow competition only among equal CSS Officers for all the promotional posts of CSS and thereby prevent unfair competition through lateral entry to CSS in SO Grade. Stop dilution of the Service by way of merger of any Service with CSS. Prevent the CSS from downgrading to a Group-C Service.
In order to achieve these goals we have to move as per a strategy. We have to constitute our Service Cadre-units in each Ministry/Deptt. for better coordination, frequent interaction with all CSS Officers and proper flow of information as well as for nourishing future leadership who will carry the flag of CSS Forum ahead. As to the Court cases which were filed over seniority issue in SO Grade, sincere efforts would be made by associating all parties involved for withdrawal of such cases as ultimately no benefit would be accrued to any body/group out of these futile court cases. These would rather damage the collective interests of CSS, besides resulting a war of attrition among CSS Officers.
You have been informed that at the behest of some vested and selfish interest groups, a proposal was moved clandestinely to downgrade the CSS with the conspiracy to make it a Subordinate Service. The proposal is that there will be direct recruitment at Assistants Grade in the Grade Pay of Rs 4200/- and not in the Grade Pay of Rs 4600/-. The post of Assistant will be redesignated as 'Executive Assistant'. This move has been allegedly made at the behest of those who are propagating for merger of CSSS with CSS as per irrational and illogical recommendation of the 6th CPC.
As a result of our protests, the move has been kept in abeyance. But this will not sustain for long. It needs to be killed for ever. But unfortunately some authorities in DoPT appear to be obstinate to get the proposal approved by hook or crook. The recent arbitrary quashing of the CAT judgment by the High Court for stoppage of lateral entry of Stenographers in SO Grade, has given a fillip to their nefarious design to downgrade CSS. In view of this move, there is urgent need to file an SLP against the High Court order in WP (C) No 4876/2007. Besides the earlier arbitrary High Court Order in Joginder Lal Sahwney case is required to be challenged in the Supreme Court. Since time is running out we have to move very quickly.
As the expense (about Rs10 lakh for this case alone) is quite high for engaging a very renowned senior advocate, we have to arrange money very quickly. Besides, as you all know, we have been fighting about ten more Court cases filed by some Stenographers in CAT as well as High Court for lateral entry of Stenographers in US Grade of CSS. There is also anther case filed by one Ms. Garima Singh in CAT, Kolkata which draws equal attention, as it has the danger of blocking the future promotions in US and SO Grades, unless this case is resolved soon.
Considering the heavy expences in legal matters, we can not fight the court cases successfully, without sufficient money. As already decided, we have created a `Legal Fund' to which each Section Officer as well as US will contribute Rs1000/-(one thousand only) and each Assistant will contribute Rs500/- (five hundred only). However you are most welcome to contribute more, if you so wish in the higher interests of CSS and the Forum will highly appreciate your kind gesture. A separate series of money receipt has been printed for the purpose. All Cadre-representatives of CSS Forum are requested to collect money from the members against the said receipt of new series.
CSS Forum is defending the cases pertaining to cases filed by Stenographers and the SLP which will be filed soon. A part of the Fund will be provided to some senior CSS officers who are already impleaded in the case of Ms. Garima Singh to defend the case.
As you all are aware, it is the CSS Forum which has the credit of fighting the cause of CSS successfully over the years, I appeal you all to contribute generously for the Legal Fund for securing our collective Service interests and for achieving higher goals.
Long Live CSS….

Sincerely yours,

President, CSS Forum
Mobile 9868125897, e-mail  dsahoo28@gmail.com