Sir let me know what is the matter to downgrade CSS officer. Is this move of DoPT being endorse by Ministry of Finance too.


Dear CSS Officers,


Thank you for your response.


     There is nothing in the proposal explicitly stating to downgrade the CSS per se. This is what we  understand seeing the implications of the proposal.The proposal is said to be mooted arbitrarily by a committee of officers consisting of Secretary,DoPT (Chairman), EO and JS(E), despite the stiff resistance from CSS Forum and the submissions stated to be contrary to the proposal by the CS Division on the basis of  a number of reasons against the proposal.


    As per the proposal in future there will be NO direct recruitment at the GP of Rs. 4600(now 75% of vacancies of Assistants Grade with the  GP of  Rs 4600, are filled through direct recruitment). In the Secretariat there will be direct recruitment only at the post to be designated as Executive Assistant in the GP of Rs.4200 which will, as usual be made to be Group-C post. In other words, the the present post of Assistant  at the level of GP of Rs 4600 may be made promotional for the post of Executive Assistant for some time and/or will be abolished altogether in future. However details are not known. 


It is alleged  that the top level of DoPT is said to have moved the proposal both at the behest of a group of selfish, frustrated and self-destructive members of  CSSS Associations who have so far been unsuccessful in getting lateral entry in the US Grade of CSS and with active aid and advice of some prejudiced officers in the Ministry of Finance who were equally waiting for opportunity to settle score with CSS officers. Once the MoS(Personnel) cleared the proposal it would go to Finance. The File is now under submission to MoS (Persnnel).


Yours sincerely,



14th June 2010