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From Administrator:-

The Central Secretariat Service (CSS) is one of the earliest organized services in the country. The origin of the service can be traced back to the year 1919, when the Imperial Secretariat Service came into being as one of the off-shoots of the Lewllyn-Smith Committee which had been set up on the eve of the introduction of the Montague Chelmsford Reforms.

Central Secretariat Service cadre officers are working at the level of Assistant, Section Officer,Under Secretary,Deputy Secretary,Director and Joint Secretary/Additional Secretary under Central Staffing Scheme of Government of India. These officers are generally posted in different Ministries and Departments,Apex /Autonomous organisations of Government of India located at different places in the Secretariat in New Delhi . They remain posted in North Block,South Block,Prime Minister& other office,Union Public Service Commission,Nirman Bhavan,Krishi Bhavan etc.. Besides, CSS cadre officers remain posted in Attached offices of Ministries/Departments outside Delhi and also at various places of the country in other offices on deputation.This web enabled application shall be a common place for all officers to retrieve information,latest developments,share information and views. This application would not only be useful for CSS officers but also to all central Government Officials for updating their knowledge about latest developments in Government.Even General Public or interested citizens would get advantage of the information provided on the website.

This appliation has features of a community website which would serve as a single point gateway for CSS officers in particular and for other Central Government officials in general. General Public may take advantage of this website also to know latest developments in the Government.

The main objective of the website is to design and develop a web enabled application to serve as a single point gateway and community website for the CSS cadre officers. Throgh this, the information sharing can also be done among the CSS officers. Following information is provided through this application:
• Latest circulars,orders issued by the Government of India particulary regarding CSS Officers.
• Latest circular,orders issued by the Government of India applicable for all Central Government Officials.
• Latest communications issued by other organisations or Institutes which are of interest of CSS officers or Central Govt. officials commonly.
• Sharing of information between CSS officers by posting their views and news on the website.
• Various useful Forms and other utilities are provided for downloading.
• Information regarding opportunities for deputation to various organisations.
• Links to various Ministries/Departments/Organisations /Institutions’websites of Government of India .

Following are the categories of persons who will be benefitted by this application:
• CSS officers
• All Central Government Officials
• General Public or Interested Citizens
Thus the application has a purpose of providing a single common point for all CSS officers and also for CG officials to have access to latest orders/circulars issued by a number of Ministries/Departments of Government of India . Another purpose of this website is to update the CSS officers regrding latest developments in the administration,policies and environment ,technology etc.

I request all to kindly give suggestions and contributions for improving usefulness of the website as this website is 'Of the CSS,By the CSS and For the CSS'.Feedback ,suggestions and contbributions may be given on following e-mail: